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MemberKit saves you countless hours managing your club or association by automating core membership, events and communications. Members can easily update their profile information, retrieve past or outstanding invoices, pay online, or receive specific reminders or communications at specific times.

Save time and focus on the important stuff

Many professional associations struggle to maintain payments and communications with their current members rather than focusing on developing better content, services or growing their member base. With MemberKit, don't get caught up in basic administration tasks but focus on what's important to your organisation.

Beyond the basics

Many membership-based platforms are born out of the need to cater for clubs or small associations with simple membership needs and are not typically accustomed to catering for more complex membership structures found in professional associations.

Not only does MemberKit cater for more professional membership structures but it gives even smaller associations or clubs more flexibility for payment terms, duration and configurable levels of automation. Rather than fixed-rate membership with fixed terms, MemberKit allows multiple pricing options, multiple terms, automated pro-rata, and automated renewing (for invoicing and payment) for a single membership tier or category. 

Many alternative platforms have limited functionality particularly around membership management - giving limited options to your members or forcing you to adapt your internal processes to suit the software environment. MemberKit gives you more flexibility, more choices to members, better automation and improved reporting to staff, executives or boards.


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