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Professional association software doesn't need to cost thousands and you don't need to compromise functionality because of a smaller budget. MemberKit is a full featured Association Management Software (AMS) platform that offers many features not found of platforms costing 10x - 100x the price! MemberKit does not charge additional costs for transactions or advanced modules - from our lowest plan to our highest you simply get all of the features!

How does MemberKit compare?

Comparing Traditional Approach

Many professional associations have approached software with very traditional or outdated methods of software selection. This also typically involves obtaining different software components to individually complete various tasks - ie. separate membership software, event booking software, website, newsletters, SMS, etc.

The challenge with building an overall solution the traditional way is they don't typically take into consideration how data or processes work between those components (hence a lot of manual processing) and more often than not higher costs as you end up paying for each component separately. A lot of these traditional setups tend to use non-integrated CMS platforms like Wordpress or Joomla which typically create a lot manual processing between managing things like membership or events, and have bespoke designs that require consultation with an external designer/developer for site changes (which of course, entails additional costs rather than having self-managing functionality like powerful but easy-to-use email or page builders that are seamlessly apart of the whole solution).

Traditional Approach

  • Large capital investment
  • High ongoing fees
  • Disjointed software
  • Unpredictable pricing & random expenses
  • Limited integration and/or no API
  • Reduced control

MemberKit's Holistic Approach

  • $0 setup fees
  • Affordable subscription pricing
  • Centralise database
  • Single platform
  • Fast implementation
  • Self-management

Comparing "Competitors"

There are many alternatives to MemberKit - from basic membership platforms, club orientated systems through to bespoke "high-end" Association Management Software (AMS) platforms. However, in the nonprofit software space, price doesn't mean more features or better functionality. Typically you are paying for the opportunity to customise core code (for which you have to pay extra for anyway) or just because this is how the market has charged previously.

MemberKit takes a different approach and turns the value proposition on its head with offering comparable (or better) functionality to higher-end AMS platforms but delivering at a price lower than the most basic club/membership platforms.
  MemberKit Other Platforms
Basic Membership Management
Complex Membership Management /
Automated Membership Approval
Basic Event Management
Complex Event Management /
Dynamic Page Content
Basic Email or Newsletter Sending
Marketing Automation
SMS Communications
Automated Newsletter Archiving
Donation & Donation Campaigns /
Complex Finance / Accounting /
Advanced Reporting & Dashboards /
Profile File Management /
Drag and Drop Page Builder /
Drag and Drop Email Builder /
Mobile Response Member & Admin Portals /
Social Media Integration /

What to look out for?

  • What features or modules are included in the base price?

  • Are there additional transaction fees (separate to payment gateway)?

  • How do fees compare from vendor payment gateway to traditional payment gateways?

  • Does the solution include an easy to use inbuilt website builder (CMS) and email builder without additional plugins or separate software?

  • Can the platform cater for more complex membership structures and flexible payment terms?

  • Does the platform include more complex features for professional associations or just small clubs?

  • Is there cost for additional admin users?

  • Are you really getting more by paying more?

Price Example (First Year)

Comparison of typical club and association software platforms with up to 250 members. Licensing paid annually where available. Transactions costs based on an estimated membership fee of $50 per member paid annually. Estimated 1000 emails sent per month. Pricing in or converted to Australian Dollars (AUD) at an approximate exchange rate of $0.75 AUD to $1 USD.


'Club' plan at $261 paid yearly. Payment processing costs with Stripe at 1.75% + 30c ($218.75).
< $500
Yearly estimate


'Basic' plan at $39 AUD per month paid annually ($468). Transaction fees 1.5% + 30c ($262.50). Mailchimp 'Growing Business' plan used for group emails at $10 USD per month (or approximately $160 AUD annually). Payment processing costs with Stripe at 1.75% + 30c ($218.75 AUD). Excludes optional modules or 'apps'.
Yearly estimate

Wild Apricot

'Group' plan at $45 USD per month paid annually or approximately $60 AUD per month ($720). Payment processing costs with Wild Apricot at 2.9% + 30c USD ($462.50 AUD). 
Yearly estimate


Active members of 250 at $90 USD per month or approximately $120 AUD per month. 'Basic setup' of $150 USD (or approximately $200 AUD). Payment processing costs with ClubExpress at 2.89% + 20c USD ($427.92 AUD). 1-year SSL Certificate at $45 USD ($60 AUD).
Yearly estimate


'iMIS 20-100' for single admin user at $165 AUD per month ($1,980). Implementation, training and setup from $3,900 and 2-year contract. Payment processing costs with SecurePay at 2.4% ($300). Data migration, customisation, reports, and additional users can substantially increase costs.
Yearly estimate


Monthly licensing/hosting at approximately (depending on selected modules) $150 per month ($1,800). Setup (depending on selected modules) from $2,500. Third party (basic) website hosting typically $25 - $400 per month ($300 - $4,800) + initial website development typically $2,500 - $25,000. Payment processing costs with eWay at 1.9% + 20c ($287.50).
$7,500 - $35,000
Yearly estimate


'Level 1' plan at $299 USD per month paid annually or approximately $398.67 AUD per month ($4,784.04). Setup at $1,495 USD (or approximately $1,993.33 AUD). Payment processing costs with Authorize.Net at 2.9% + 30c + $25 monthly fee USD ($862.50 AUD).
Yearly estimate

Member Evolution

Monthly licensing/hosting (depending on selected modules and customisation) from $200 per month ($2,400 per year - contact term typically 5 years). Setup cost from $15,000 - $100,000. Payment processing costs with eWay at 1.9% + 20c ($287.50 AUD).
$17,500 - $100,000
Yearly estimate

Bespoke Solutions

Initial development $35,000 - $150,000. Typical hosting ranges depending on quality, performance and services provided approximately ranging from $50 - $1000 per month ($600 - $12,000 annually). On-going development, bug fixes and maintenance at $80 - $160/hr for 2-20 hours per month ($1,920 - $38,400 annually). Payment processing costs with Stripe at 1.75% + 30c ($218.75 AUD). 
$37,500 - $200,000
Yearly estimate


Monthly licensing/hosting (depending on selected modules and customisation) from $1,200 per month ($14,400 per year). Setup cost from $50,000 - $200,000. Payment processing costs with eWay at 1.9% + 20c ($287.50 AUD).
$65,000 - $200,000
Yearly estimate
* Prices are taken from official website or discussion with competing vendors or vendor consultants at the time of the comparison. Prices may vary depending on additional modules, services, other additional transaction costs and at the time of purchase.

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