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Running a professional association is more than just managing membership forms and renewals, so why settle for 'just' membership software? Leverage all your member and profile data - combine those ten to twenty odd spreadsheets you keep to manage members, groups, events, email lists, and other various spreadsheets you have to create that 'certain' report or email campaign. Bring them all together into a centralised database. Make it easier to cross-reference various data points for reporting, create more targeted communications, and open up a whole new world of automation!



No more spreadsheets. Take your members and stakeholders online. Track individuals, companies, note taking, task setting, history, configurable data fields and file uploading.


Very configurable membership structures and automation for professional associations. Including auto-renewing, auto reminders and follow-ups, automatic pro-rata of fees, concurrent memberships, form builder, approval workflows and much more.


Events management that ties directly in with your membership. Configurable events, sessions, tickets and webinar links/downloads, automated pre/post event follow-ups, group registrations, and automated membership pricing.


Build powerful and mobile responsive pages easily with drag-and-drop website builder (no coding required). Created private portals with restricted content, display dynamic content to different stakeholders, embed videos, Twitter or Facebook feeds, or easily display past email broadcast on page.


Easily take payments online for memberships, event registrations or pay outstanding invoices. Link to Stripe for credit card processing and automatically generate invoices accessible to members via their own portal.

Email & Marketing

Send very targeted email campaigns and set automate follow-ups to members, event attendees, or other subscribers. Create and nurture contacts with email drip campaigns. Easily create stunning email templates with inbuilt drag-and-drop email builder.


Not only can you set up complex marketing campaigns with email, you can also do so with SMS too! Setup reminders or workflows to mix communications between email or SMS to get maximum engagement with members and stakeholders.

Document & Files

Easily track submitted documents on membership joining or renewals. Allow members to update or resubmit documents through their private portal.


Graphic dashboards allow you to track trends across membership, events, pages, donations and directories. Plus, integrate with Google Analytics for detailed website statistics.


Create customisable website directories for membership, sponsors, or other stakeholders. Configurable fields, profile photos, premium listings and internal profile messaging.


Create donation campaigns with goals tracking, configurable tax, online payments, and online donation feedback or comments.


Detailed tracking of payments, invoices, adjustments and refunds. Automatic generation of invoices for online purchases or ad-hoc invoicing. Custom invoice templates, payments, and tax options for individual membership, events or donations, GL & tracking codes, currencies, and exporting.


Online portal for memberships to easily track membership status, event history, and updating profile information. Also, private content for areas and pages exclusively for specific membership types or members of groups.


Create custom groups and filters to segment page access, page content, communications or marketing. (Private forums coming soon)

Dynamic Content

Not only restrict content areas but dynamically display different page content with custom rules per page based on membership type, group or captured profile data. Deliver more relevant content to the right users.


Target communications to specific segments based on membership, event attendance, group, financial status, or create dedicated newsletter topics with user preference control and unsubscribe tracking.


Create schedule news content with filtering for categories, content builder, configurable styles, and social media sharing.

Social Media

Easily integrate your social media with your website with social media button links, embed Youtube, Twitter feeds, Facebook feeds, or social media sharing of news.

Mobile Friendly

Website pages automatically resize and adjust across different screen sizes including desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Emails built with the template builder have been tested across a variety of email clients to also adjust for mobile or desktop viewing.


MemberKit has been designed with SEO friendly layouts, readable URLs, configurable page meta tags, responsive CSS, and encrypted data.

Member Approval

Need membership application to be vetted and approved by boards or committees? MemberKit allows custom workflows to capture membership form submissions, automatic notifications, and private portal to approve each application (including access to submitted form files).

Inventory & Services

Need to track extra purchases for products and services? Membership applications can be customised to allow for additional purchase options with inventory control and service periods (e.g. a member can join for 3 years but separately purchase accreditation for 12 months).


Need to extend or connect to third party software. MemberKit also has a private API. Your requirements can be discussed upon request.


View, track and update member data within MemberKit or export out for further reporting or importing into third party account software. Exporting out profiles, membership, event attendees, donations, or finance data.

Technical Details

MemberKit provides a comprehensive cloud platform for managing your club or association accessible from your web browser. Integrate with Twilio for SMS and Stripe for online payments. Works with existing domains or subdomains.

Online Payments

  • Stripe
  • PayPal (coming)


  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Twilio (SMS)


  • Multilayered software and hardware firewalls
  • Private Cloud 
  • SSL encryption
  • DDoS Protected Network
  • Secure Hosting architecture

Simple monthly or yearly plans

$0 Setup Fees