Engage and Reach more Members | MemberKit


Better segmentation and improved content delivery make sure your members are getting information more relevant to them and keeping them better engaged.

Reach more

More accessible content means you can engage with your members and stakeholders more easily whether they are viewing content across desktop or mobile devices, sending targeted email campaigns, or skipping email inboxes entirely with direct to mobile SMS communications.

to the right people

A centralised and holistic approach to capturing and managing data not only means reduced manual processing but also greater segmentation so that communications and engagement are with the right person. MemberKit includes easy to use and powerful segmentation to follow-up members, attendees, past donors, or users with outstanding invoices and more.

at the right time

MemberKit includes an array of controls to deliver content to members, event attendees, donors or subscribers at the right time. Set automated reminders pre or post events or registrations, or set up more elaborate drip style email campaigns to progressively delivery messages over scheduled points in time.


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